General Summary: An exempt position responsible for performing all related activities which support the organization's Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), voice recognition software, and modality connectivity; diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading all PACS and voice recognition associated hardware and software, while ensuring its optimal performance. 

Job Responsibilities: 

· Manage the distribution and storage of digital images from a variety of sources, including computed tomography, computed radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, etc.

· Provide application-level PACS support, including image workflow, auto routing, and other activities.

· Integrate diagnostic images with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Radiological Information Systems (RIS).

· Ensure that digital image data transfers are properly entered into the PACS system, RIS validation, and exceptions handling.

· Collaborate closely with other IT department personnel to ensure the smooth operation of all PACS hardware and software.

· Provide user training in regards to the proper use and operation of PACS and voice recognition equipment and software applications, including radiologists, technologists and other IT staff.

· Liaise with PACS vendor support resources to monitor performance as it relates to overall network performance in order to minimize slowdowns and downtime.

· Prepare reports on PACS performance and make recommendations based on findings.

· Install, configure, test, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot PACS and associated devices and software. Perform backups as required.

· Respond to tech support calls and support end user problems and questions.  Communicate with end users to determine PACS needs, business requirements, and functional specifications.

· Define new methods and procedures to enhance the quality of information technology systems.

· Document activities to keep the organization in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

· Use Help Desk software to document, track, resolve, and follow up on problems.

· Collaborate with other IT departments and client hospitals to ensure the efficient distribution of medical images to authorized users.

· Assist in development of operating standards, policies, and procedures. Assist with the development, implementation, and enforcement of all information technology policies and procedures.

· Assist in the strategic planning of medical imaging initiatives, including new deployments, future needs, and systems integration.

· Document changes, as needed, to keep IT inventory database up to date.

· Evaluate and recommend software applications that could improve job performance.

· Maintain standards of confidentiality and system security.

· Participate in training and professional development activities as assigned.

· Participate in special projects or other activities as assigned.

Experience/Educational Requirements:

· Certifications in PACS (CPSA, CPIA, CPSM, MCITP) preferred. 

· Hands-on hardware and software troubleshooting experience with radiology applications.

· Previous exposure working in a large PACS environment.

· PACS equipment support. Experience with Dell workstations a plus.

Performance Requirements:

· Excellent technical knowledge of image capture and archiving technologies.

· Good knowledge of current network protocols, data transfer systems, including TCP/IP, DICOM, HL7, etc.

· Able to read and understand technical manuals, procedural documentation, and healthcare guidelines.

· Ability to conduct research into medical imaging issues and products as required.

· Strong knowledge of applicable document retention and copyright laws.

· Familiarity with project management techniques and procedures.

· Skills in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with staff and patients, and the ability to work independently

· High understanding of confidentiality and data privacy laws, as well as federal legislation such as HIPAA.

· Understanding of organizations goals and objectives.

· Must have a customer service mindset.

Physical Requirements:

This job involves prolonged sitting or standing, frequent bending, stooping, or stretching and may require lifting up to 50 pounds.  Extensive PACS system use requires 20/20 correctable vision without color blindness and the ability to distinguish letters and symbols, along with correctable hearing, eye to hand coordination and manual dexterity.